The Sands, Johannesburg


We were briefed to create an immersive brand experience for Absolut vodka The Sands in Sandton as well as Zone 6 in Soweto.


Absolut is “Swedish vodka, onödigt bra in product and design”, and the brand idea is transformation. So, fundamentally, our design is Swedish, and “onödigt bra”. Our look is artistic, bold and stylish – and transformative.


For urban creative millennials this is highly relevant even today, as they demand authenticity and transparency, and as creatives expect a high level of design creativity from their brands.


Our design concepts translated the iconic shapes associated with the brand into seating and a full size swimming pool. Natural leathers link back to the brands Swedish roots and feels contemporary. Exclusive, pure and shiny by nature, silver provides an eye-catching dynamism to the more muted natural tones of wood, leather and concrete.


Like silver and glass, mirrors and other reflective surfaces add premium and clear touch that is timelessly stylish. Unlike other materials, they provide an added dimensional depth that reaches beyond their polished surface, adding creative energy to a space.




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